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 Great day to come, you are busy preparing everything so that only events are happening in your life a perfect way.
    Hoang Yen Hotel has become one of the ideal places for young couples choose the venue for the premiere of two friends and their relatives, the starting date for marriage and family life happy.
    With rich experience in the field of culinary and banquet style, professional service and chefs can process a variety of dishes with Asian flavors, European, Vietnamese, Chinese ... helped the They always meet the needs of customers cuisine. Besides, the creation and staging of the most celebrated programs stylish, unique, bold humanity, to suit each individual's style banquet hall will help the guests as watching a show beautiful, emotional, lead them closer to feeling "freeze" the Bride and groom.
    Besides the professional field of wedding, with cozy but equally elegant and modern, Hoang Yen was the right place to organize family celebrations, as well as the reception conferences of the Company.
   Hoang Yen pleasure is the ideal place for you to send trust for special fun day.

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